Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Free Academic Counselling

Unsure about how this ExamTube can benefit you? Simply call the experts at home for free and learn from them how to plan your learning to attain maximum academic success.

Learn - Practice - Test

Concepts are explained to you in great detail using our rich media-based learning modules.
You can practice the learnt concepts through a variety of tools and services like MCQs.
Finally, all your knowledge and comprehension is checked through adaptive tests with progressive difficulty levels, and National Level Weekly Tests to create an upward learning graph!

ExamTube Smart Classes

We enable classrooms of the future through state-of-the-art technology integration, and provide

  • Engaging, student-centric learning experience
  • Curriculum mapped learning solutions for all classes and subjects
  • Rich, interactive and visual lessons which make learning fun
  • Connected learning environment through student tablets and Interactive display system

The benefits of Total Learning for different stakeholder

Schools - Monitor and compare own student performance with other schools, identify gaps in teaching-learning process and take timely corrective actions.

Students -Learn, practice and test anytime and anywhere and maintain continuity of learning from school to home seamlessly.

Teachers - Identify gap areas of a student where concept delivery needs to be focused, and understand the learning pattern of the child.

Parents - Track and monitor child’s performance, identify areas of improvement and basic interests of the child, and make timely and informed interventions in their learning journey.