Thermodynamics MCQ

Question 1. Thermodynamics is applicable to

  • (a) macroscopic system only
  • (b) microsopic system only
  • (c) homogeneous system only
  • (d) heterogeneous system only

Answer:  1. (a) macroscopic system only

Question 2. An isochoric process takes place at constant

  • (a) temperature
  • (b) pressure
  • (c) volume
  • (d) concentration

Answer:  2. (c) volume

Question 3. For a cyclic process, the change in internal energy of the system is

  • (A) always +ve
  • (b) equal to zero
  • (c) always -ve
  • (d) none of the above

Answer:  3. (b) equal to zero

Question 4. Which of the following properties is not a function of state?

  • (a) concentration
  • (b) internal energy
  • (c) enthalpy
  • (d) entropy

Answer:  4. (a) concentration

Question 5. Which of the following always has a negative value?

  • (a) heat of reaction
  • (b) heat of solution
  • (c) heat of combustion
  • (d) heat of formation

Answer:  5. (c) heat of combustion

Question 6. The bond energy depends upon

  • (a) size of the atom
  • (b) electronegativity
  • (c) bond length
  • (d) all of the above

Answer:  6. (d) all of the above

Question 7. For an endothermic reaction.

  • (a) ∆H is -ve
  • (b) ∆H is +ve
  • (c) ∆H is zero
  • (d) none of these

Answer:  7. (b) ∆H is +ve

Question 8. The process depicted by the equation.

H2O (S) ——> H2O (l) ∆H = +1.43 kcal represents

  • (a) fusion
  • (b) melting
  • (c) evaporation
  • (d) boilirtg

Answer:  8. (a) fusion

Question 9.Which one is the correct unit for entropy?

  • (a) KJ mol
  • (b)JK mol
  • (c)JK mol-1 
  • (d) KJ mol-1

Answer:  9. (c) JK mol-1