The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary by OGDEN NASH

It is a fanciful dream about Belinda, who lives all alone in her house only with four pets’ viz. a little kitten named Ink, a grey coloured mouse name Blink, a little yellow coloured dog named mustard and a dragon named Custard.

All the people of the house felt pride in themselves on their fearlessness at make believe games, and they look down upon poor Custard for his coyness. But one day pirate arrive and only Custard who is the one who is shy, gives a proper vicious response.

He gobbles up the pirate and shows that he is also brave and can face the difficulties if the needs be or in certain circumstances.
After the danger is past, everyone started boasting again about their courage, and Custard agreed that everyone else is also brave than he is.

But everyone knows the fact as to who is brave and who is not