The Sermon at Benares Summary by Betty Renshaw

Sermon is a religious talk given by a prophet or Saint. It is showing the jou rn ey of Gautam Buddha from his prince hood to the pious life. He left his palace at the age of 25, when he saw the sufferings of the world, to seek illumination and enlighten.

He wandered for seven years, here and there, and was under a Peepal tree at Bodhgaya where he got his enlighten. His first sermon was delivered at Benaras as it was the holiest place because of the river Ganga.

He thinks that he who wants to get peace should draw out of the expression of grief, complaint and misery. He who has drawn out has become calm, and will gain peace of mind; and will be free from sorrow and be blessed.

In the story, Kisa Gautami was grieving over the death of her son and then she reached Gautam Buddha and requested him to make his son alive. Gautam Buddha agreed to it but he asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds but from a house where no one had lost a child, husband, parent or friend

She went from door to door but was not able to find such a home. She was shattered and lost hope.This made her realize that lives are full of trouble and grief and no one can avoid death. She realized that death is inevitable.