The Little Girl


Form pairs or groups and discuss the following questions.

Question 1.

This story is not an Indian story. But do you think there are fathers, mothers and grandmothers like the ones portrayed in the story in our own country?


Yes, there are fathers, mothers and grandmothers like the ones portrayed in the story in our own country. In a run to make their children disciplined enough, parents sometimes forget that their child needs their love and care too.

They forget that their one is yet to learn and accept his/her environment. Giving the kid time, compassion and care is very necessary so that the kid grows up having good bond with his/her parents.

Punishing and creating an extremely strict image of oneself only makes children slip away from their parents’ hands emotionally.

Question 2: 

Was Kezia’s father right to punish her? What kind of a person was he?

You might find some of these words useful in describing him:

Undemonstrative, loving, strict, hard-working, responsible, unkind, disciplinarian, short-tempered, affectionate, caring, indifferent


No, Kezia’s father was not right to punish her. He should have understood that Kezia is a child and that it is okay for her to make mistakes. He could have explained her how important those papers were to him and that she should never do such a thing again.

He is a father who is undemonstrative, strict and short-tempered. He also has a loving and affectionate heart but he lets his disciplinarian behaviour get the better of him. He does unkind actions like beating her with a ruler but then he is also a caring dad who pacifies her when she wakes up from a bad dream.


Has your life been different from or similar to that of Kezia when you were a child? Has your perception about your parents changed now? Do you find any change in your parents’ behaviour vis-à-vis yours? Who has become more understanding? What steps would you like to take to build a relationship based on understanding? Write three or four paragraphs (150–200 words) discussing these issues from your own experience.


Do it yourself.

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