The Fun They Had



A new revised volume of Issac Asimov’s short stories has just been released.

Order one set. Write a letter to the publisher, Mindfame Private Limited, 1632 Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi, requesting that a set be sent to you by Value Payable Post (VPP), and giving your address. Your letter will have the following parts.

  • Addresses of the sender and receiver
  • The salutation
  • The body of the letter
  • The closing phrases and signature


416, Sector 18

Nagpur, Maharashtra


Mindfame Private Limited, 1632

Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently came to know that a new revised volume of Issac Asimov’s short stories has been released. This is to request you to send me a set of the same by Value Payable Post (VPP) on my mailing address. I shall be highly obliged.

Yours sincerely,

Adwait Tiwari


In groups of four discuss the following topic.

‘The Schools of the Future Will Have No Books and No Teachers!’

Your group can decide to speak for or against the motion. After this, each group will select a speaker to present its views to the entire class.

You may find the following phrases useful to present your argument in the debate.

  • In my opinion . . .
  • I/we fail to understand why . . .
  • I wholeheartedly support/oppose the view that . . .
  • At the outset let me say . . .
  • I’d/we’d like to raise the issue of/argue against . . .
  • I should like to draw attention to . . .
  • My/our worthy opponent has submitted that . . .
  • On the contrary . . .
  • I firmly reject . . .


For the motion

I would like to put forth my views in favour of the motion “The Schools of the Future Will Have No Books and No Teachers!”

The emergence of digital technologies like computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. has brought about a lot of changes in the way education is imparted and received. Now itself, we can see how important the electronic gadgets and internet have become.

We learn so many things through Google, YouTube and other platforms. The concept of online classes is getting more acknowledgement than ever. The internet speed is improving with time and usage.

More and more people are being drawn towards the limitless possibilities of learning online. Gradually, we might see the schools teaching the students online with soft copies of books.

When the robots become a part of our lives, we shall see the time when the schools will have no real books and no human teachers, instead we will have online books and robots as teachers!

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