Rules of Pronouns


Pronouns are the words that are used by replacing the main noun so that we can avoid the repetition of that noun again and again. 

Rule 1

When in any sentence the subject of the verb is the receiver for action and the action is said to be reflected then such verbs are called reflective verb like enjoy, avail, adapt, pride, etc.

Pronouns used for such reflection are herself, himself, themselves, ourselves etc.


  • Wrong statement:-You should avail every opportunity. 
  • Correct statement:- You should avail yourself every opportunity. 
  • Wrong statement:-They enjoyed during cricket match.
  • Correct statement:- They enjoyed themselves during cricket match.

Rule 2

Some verbs are not reflexive like keep, turn, qualify, move, rest, etc. so such verbs are present in sentences we cannot use pronouns like himself, herself, etc. 


  • Wrong statement:- She has qualified herself for the job. 
  • Correct statement:-She has qualified for the job. 
  • Wrong statement:- He Hid himself in the kitchen. 
  • Correct statement:-He hid in the kitchen.

Rule 3

A reflexive pronoun should not be used as a subject or object unless it is preceded by pronoun or noun concerned.


  • Wrong statement:- Myself and He gone to watch movie. 
  • Correct statement:-I and He gone to watch movie. 
  • Wrong statement:- Rahul will play for myself and this city. 
  • Correct statement:-Rahul will play for me and this city.

Rule 4

To be a form of verbs like am, is, are, was, were, shall, will, should always be followed by Subjective form when complement is a pronoun in a statement.


  • Wrong statement:- It is me who have passed this exam. 
  • Correct statement:-It is I who have passed this exam.  
  • Wrong statement:-It will be us who will buy a new car. 
  • Correct statement:-It will be we who will buy a new car.  

Rule 5

If the sentence contains verb and preposition then they are always followed by an objective case of pronoun. 


  • Wrong statement:-Between you and I, youare brilliant. 
  • Correct statement  :-Between you and me, youare brilliant. 
  • Wrong statement:-He is demonstrating experiment to Rahul and she.  
  • Correct statement  :-He is demonstrating experiment to Rahul and her.

Rule 6

Relative pronoun like who is generally used for the subject and whom is used for the object. 


  • Correct statement:-Ganesh is the boy who everybody thought had topped in college. 
  • Correct statement:-She talked to a person whom has a experience in field of agriculture. 

Rule 7

If we are referring to a choice between two or more than two things then in that case we pronoun which in place of who. 


  • Wrong statement:-Of the two brothers who is perfect. 
  • Correct statement:-Of the two brothers which is perfect. 
  • Wrong statement:-Who is your son in that long queue?  
  • Correct statement:-Which is your son in that long queue?

Rule 8

Pronoun like ‘whose’ is used for possessive case and ‘which’ is used for nonliving things and animals.


  • Correct statement:-This is boy whose bike was stolen. 
  • Correct statement:-This is the dog which helped her to find way to home.