Rules of Motion – Question answer Part – 1

1. A body F→= ut 3 Newton force, applied for the first two seconds. goes. The linear momentum of the body will increase
Answer –
16 newtons – seconds

2. The reason why a person jumping on the road from a moving bus falls forward?
Answer – Due to the inertia of the moving state, the upper part of the person remains in motion while the feet are in contact with the road. Due to coming, they come to a stable state.

3. The horse sitting on horseback jumps back in the circus and comes back to the horse because?
Answer –
Mobility is inertia

4. What is static friction?
Answer – Less than kinetic friction

5. The maximum value of static friction is called?
Answer – Marginal friction

6. Newton’s third law of motion gives
Answer –
Quality of force

7. Is one kg Equal to weight?
Answer –
9.8 Newton

8. A passenger sitting at a fixed speed in a moving train facing the engine bounces a ball upwards, will the ball come back?
Answer –
In the passenger’s hands

9. From which Newton’s law can the other two rules derive?
Answer – Second to first and third

10. Newton’s laws of motion apply?
Answer –
Inertial frame

11. Is a stationary instruction frame located on the surface of the earth?
Answer –
Imperfect but generally considered to be inertial

12. The dynamic friction force between two surfaces does not depend on which of the following?
Answer – At relative velocity between surfaces

13. A bicycle rider keeps the bicycle moving by hitting a paddle. Then the force of friction on the wheels is as follows?
Answer – On the front wheel, on the back, and on the rear wheel on the front

14. The variable force on an object is F = 2t (3 – t) Newton, the time interval is applied from t = 0 seconds to t = 3 seconds. What will be the change in momentum of the object?
Answer –

15. When a bullet is fired with a shotgun, the gun is rebounded. Can this reduce the reflected speed?
Answer –
Making the gun heavier

16. A block is placed on a table. Will be the reaction force?
 Answer – Upstairs by the table

17. A stationary particle suddenly in two such particles of equal mass. Disintegrates which begin to move, both particles?
Answer –
Will move in opposite directions with the same velocity

18. In a train moving on a linear path with equal velocity, a child holds a chord tied to a balloon of hydrogen gas in his hand. Balloon if the driver suddenly brakes?
 Answer –
I Will go back

19. The marginal friction between two objects touching does not depend?
 Answer – On the area of ​​the tangent of surfaces

20. What principle does a jet engine work on?
Answer –
Linear momentum protection

21. If the resultant force on a body is zero, then?
 Answer – The velocity change of the body will be zero

22. When a ball is thrown upwards, its momentum decreases, then increases. Does this process violate the momentum conservation rule?
Answer –
No, the momentum of the ball and the earth’s body is preserved.

23. Two persons of the same mass on the ice at their feet. Walking skis (ice skates) stand at some distance from each other on a flat ice field. A rope is tied to one person’s waist, the other end of which is in the other person’s hand. If the other person pulls the rope towards them, what will be the effect on the speed of both the people?
Answer –
Both people will move towards each other with equal momentum.

24. When a stone is struck on a glass window. So he breaks the glass but when the shot of the gun is fired on it, he only crosses by making a hole in the window. Why?
Answer – This pause is due to inertia.