Question Corner: Do worms have an immune system? How do they fight infections?

  • Do worms have an immune system?

    Roundworms (Caenorhabditis elegans) are unit animals that lack dedicated immune cells. however, they’re perpetually under fire from viruses and flora parasites referred to as microsporidia.

Researchers from the U.S have currently decoded the advanced dynamics that area unit concerned in however these organisms sense associate infection.

The paper revealed last month (Plos Pathogens) notes worms will sense changes in their metabolism and so unleash protecting defenses, even though they do not directly sense the pathogens.

The team studied a vital biological pathway within the worms – the purine metabolism pathway. The results counsel that the host has developed ways in which to sense the larceny of purine metabolites.

  • How do they fight infections?

    It looks that once these key cellular building blocks area unit purloined by the infectious agent, the host senses this larceny to mount an associate immunologic response to the infectious agent, explains initial author Eillen Tecle in a very unharness.

The team adds that learning worms may shed light-weight on some purine-related compound mutations seen in human diseases.

Lead author Emily R. Troemel superimposed in a very unharness that within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to check these queries of immunity in many completely different systems to make new tools so that we will find out how to forestall and treat infections.