Prepositions Exercise 1


A preposition is a word used with a noun or a pronoun to show how the person or thing denotes by the noun or pronoun stands in relation to something else.

Prepositions can have different functions in a sentences

It indicates time, place, purpose, direction, movement, means/ instrumentality, concession, comparison, source and manner. Look at the following sentences where the prepositions have these functions.

  • Sudha sits between Saroj and Usman. (Position)
  • Vijay went from Kanpur to Ahmedabad. (Movement and direction)
  • Father returned at 6 o’clock. (Time)
  • The road is blocked because of the wedding procession. (Reason)
  • We went to the market for vegetable. (Purpose)
  • Jaya cuts the lemon with a knife. (Instrument)
  • Let’s go to Mumbai by bus. (means or transportation)
  • In spite of the heat, the children are playing outdoors. (Concession)
  • She sings like a Koel. (Comparison)
  • Leela does all her homework with great care.
  • They fetched water from the river. (Source)


Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with suitable prepositions.

  • The bag is on the top rack of the cupboard.
  • They are sorry for having disturbed you. 
  • The woman in the car is my neighbour.
  • Did you read the article on the applications of biotechnology.
  • Sikha spent a day with her aunt at Begempet in Hyderabad.
  • The baby slept peacefully despite the telephone rang.
  • Inspite of/despite the bandh, people went out to work.
  • Rini was angry with Simon and spoke harshly to hm.
  • The building is deserted by pigeons and mice.
  • His clients are happy with Mani’s work.

Correct errors in the use of prepositions in the following sentences.

1. Among the two sisters, Habiba is the better dancer.

Answer –  Between the two sisters, Habiba is the better dancer.     


Of the two sisters, Habiba is the better dancer.

2. They left in midnight to their village.

Answer –  They left at midnight for their village.

3. Manu has been living at Dubai since ten years.

Answer –  Manu has been living in Dubai for ten years.

4. The shop is under my flat.

Answer –  The shop is below my flat.

5. The girls sat down besides the lake.

Answer –  The girls sat down beside the lake.

6. There is a reference of the drug in page 33 on chapter 6.

Answer –  There is a reference of the drug on page 33 in chapter 6.

7. We insisted to going out for a walk.

Answer –  We insisted on going out for a walk.

8. Don’t interfere with my affairs.

Answer –  Don’t interfere in my affairs.

9. He was in great need for affection.

Answer –  He was in great need of affection.

10. I am surprised over the slow pace of life here.

Answer –  I am surprised at the slow pace of life here.