Panel Control

Panel Control : (Container Control)

Panel control is used to group other controls. Typically, you use panels to subdivide a form into groups depending upon the function. 

Panel Control is also called Container control. When Panel control is moved, all the controls within it will also be moved.

image 32

Property : 

1. BorderStyle : Gets or sets the border style for the control. You can use this property to add a border to the control.

  • None : No border. (The default value is None) 
  • FixedSingle : A single-line border.  
  • Fixed3D : A three-dimensional border. 

2. AutoScroll :- Gets or sets a value indicating whether the container enables the user to scroll to any controls placed outside of its visible boundaries.

3. BackColor :- Gets or sets the background color for the control.

4. BackgroundImage :- Gets or sets the background image displayed in the control.