Question: I

You have seen how Jerome, George and Harris mess up their packing, especially of the hamper. From their mistakes you must have thought of some dos and don’ts for packing. Can you give some tips for packi ng by completing the paragraph below?

First pack all the heavy items, especially the ones you don’t need right away. Then . . .

Here are some words and phrases you can use to begin your sentences with:

  • Then
  • Next
  • Now
  • Remember
  • Don’t forget
  • At last/Finally

Answer: I

First pack all the heavy items, especially the ones you don’t need right away. Then keep the less heavy items which are firm and durable. Next spread a layer of a paper to avoid any kind of harm.

Now arrange other things properly. Remember that packing needs careful arrangemen t of things and special care of delicate items. Always keep all the essential items with you and strap all the things properly.


Question: II

“I told George and Harris that they had better leave the whole matter entirely to me.” The words had better are used

  •  in an advice or suggestion: You had better take your umbrella; it looks like rain.
  •  in an order You had better complete your homework before you go out to play.
  •  as a threat You had better leave or I’ll have you arrested for trespass!
  • When we speak, we sayyou’d/ I’d/ he’d better, instead ofyou had better, etc.

Work in pairs to give each other advice, orders or suggestions, or even to threaten  each other. Imagine situations like the following: Your partner

  1.  hasn’t returned a book to the library.
  2.  has forgotten to bring lunch.
  3. hasn’t got enough change for bus fare.
  4.  has found out a secret about you.
  5. has misplaced your English textbook.

Answer: II

  1. You had better return the book to the library before you leave for Shimla.
  2. You had better bring your lunch before you leave for school.
  3. You had better g et enough change for the bus fare or you will feel odd.
  4. I had betterfind  out a secret about you before you say anything.
  5. You had better make a trace of you English book before misplaci ng it.