Newspaper Report Writing

Que. 1. Write brief newspaper reports of two to three short paragraphs each to suit the following headlines. 

Theme Park for Children inaugurated

Surat: It is always remained fact for children to be progressive from their curiosity for learning through playing. It has been in long demand for children’s theme park here in Ravi Nagar area of Surat city. This initiative has been taken by the City Mayor and some of the nominated young representatives keeping its importance of theme park.

It is on Sunday the inauguration had been performed in the presence of dignitaries and peers from the city.  SO, all the necessary steps were taken to install the various play equipments. There may be lot of fun with the physical exercises by enjoying with Wave Pool, Water Park, Swing, Spiral Sliding, See-Saw, running, jumping and a lot more fun for the young ones.

Keeping in mind about to the recreation facilities for children, an extensive survey had been carried out and accordingly to the possible budget approval grated by the City Municipality. At the very outset of opening of Theme Park children begin to play and enjoying. The special instructor nominated for assisting to children for appropriate handling to each of the set up. 

It has been tried to provide the world class quality amusement for this theme park. On the occasion of inauguration there were many guests chiefly Mayor of the city, District Collector, Ward Members, Respected dignitaries from the city and Ravi Nagar Society. The inauguration program inaugurated in the excited crowed of the Children and their parents.

In the Mayor’s address speech he said, “Today in the time of Internet and Television children should be brought in a healthy way so that they can be progressed in a appropriate way”. While addressing the Ward Member Mr. Pande Said, “Children are our future and they should be brought up by giving an extension of their natural instinct”. The inauguration program held in excitement and big loud clapping. 

Respected Mayor of the Surat City Dr. Rahul Patel, District Collector C.S. Pande, Dignitaries from city and Ravi Nagar Society, Parents were among those who were present on the occasion. 

Sitar Maestro honoured

New Delhi: President of India Pranab Mukharjee honoured Indian Sitar maestro Ravi Prasad with the Bharat Ratna award. By taking the notice of his majour contribution in music since more than four decades for his outstanding performance on national and international concerts that has been held in some of majour cities. It had been seen in each of his concerts a large number of music lovers remained the exclusive crowd. 

In a dazzling ceremony, Ravi Shankar was honoured by the President of India. At the occasion of felicitation, President shows gracious respect on the special achievement and contribution of Ravi Shankar in Music. In his speech President said, “Music has that power so it can cure even incurable disease, generate spiritual awakening and brings peace of mind”.

In concluding words president emphasizes over giving the importance for Classical Music and different Modern Music. Ravi Shankar his wife Shruti and daughter Anoushka were present at the program of felicitation. “Hard work, complete devotion and passion are the words of Success story of music life” said Ravi Shankar showing his thankfulness towards the President, dignitaries and the present audience 

Demonstration of his few selected classical music were shown in the award ceremony. On this occasion, a DVD on special Ravi Shankar’s musical collections and a biography on the life of him written by his daughter Anoushka Prasad were released. At the ceremony, thirty minutes documentry film was shown to touch some personal unknown facts related to the life, concerts, meetings, and visit of this great maestro.      

One of great music composer Bappi Lahiri delivered the introduced speech with some touching anecdotes about his long friendship and collaboration with this great maestro. While speaking about one special meeting with Ravi Shankar, Lahiri said, “He is the inspirational icon and mentor for all of music lovers”. Lahiri sheds his experiences of Ravi Shanker’s musical journey and his deteriorating health that touched to the audience.

The light was shed over his early learning of different Classical Ragas from his great Guru multy- instrumatalist  Allaudddin Khan. Rising into music of Ravi Shankar’s journey emerged out from the dance troupe led by his elder brother Uday Shankar and after getting perfection in music how he got collaboration with some nominated Bollywood and Hollywood musicians mirrored in the ceremony.

Ravi Shankar’s deep love to the Indian Motherland fetched to India and he devoted his entire life for bringing peace, prosperity and harmony in the heart of the people of India through the beat pulses of his immortal music.

Floods Wreak Havoc In Odisha

Bhubaneshwar:  Northern region of the Odisha state  has recently experienced a devastating flood due to the continuous and torrential rain for the last few weeks. Gaibanda, Panchagarh, rajshahiare and some of the districts where the loss of live, livestock, crops and properties are immense. In the meantime thousands of people have been homeless and they are now living in inhuman condition at different flood relief camps and shelters. 

“The flood situation in Panchagarh is serous while the water levels has been subsiding in rivers Baitarani and Budhabalang as there no major rainfall last,” he said. One breach each has developed in the embarkments of rivers Subarnarekha at Dahamunda village in Balasore district caused flood in some villages, Head of Rapid Action Force Mr. Abhjeet said, adding, another breach in embarkment of Baitarani river near Ganeshwarpur in Jajpur district had also inundated some areas.

In such a miserable situation, Disaster management, NDRF and relief Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik came to visit the flood affected area yesterday at about 3pm. He reached the flood affected areas by Helicopter.

The people of the affected area gathered around the minister to take relief goods from him. The Honourable Chief Minister distributed the goods and a large amount of cash money among them. The affected people were very happy to see the minister by their side.

The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik assured the people that entire machinery of the government would stand by them in their distress at every moment of Perils.

Que : 2: Write reports of three short paragraphs each on the following topics for your college magazine. 

Students Union Elections

TUESDAY, August 10, 2017


        The Student Union elections was held at J.N.M. Patel Science College, Surat on August 10, 2017. The elections process carried out for the current academic year of 2017-2018 with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm. The total 30 number of students including girls contested the election.  The whole process of taking polls and counting votes was done as fairly as possible.

      The presiding coordinator and the whole team started their work at 7:30 in the morning. At first, the presiding coordinator called the polling agents of all candidates. He showed the empty ballot boxes and ballot papers to the agents. Then he sealed the boxes. After that the police forces were deployed in and around the centre to reinforce law and order. Before 8 in the morning many enthusiastic voters both male and female gathered in front of the centre.

It was exactly 8:00 am when the presiding coordinator announced to start taking votes. The voters both male and female standing in different queues started casting their votes in different booths arranged within the college campus. And the vote taking process continued relentlessly till 4 in the afternoon. After 4: pm vote taking process was stopped.

Students vote casting for their representatives was recorded 91% exclusively. Then the Coordinator opened all the ballot boxes in front of the polling agents and the media men. The polling officers started counting the votes. After 2 hour hard work all the counting was done.

Then the result was declared.

     Throughout the day the presiding Coordinator and the whole team worked fairly. There were no signs of violence or corruption in holding the election. It was possible not only by law and order but also by the enthusiastic voters.

      Successfully elected students were congratulated by the Principal Vashi sir and other senior professors of the college. A student Vikas Patel from TY B.Sc was declared College Representative. To all the elected candidates and College Staff offered light refreshment.

Thereafter winning celebration took place.

Visit to a historical monument:

Last week, the Education Society of our College organized an Education tour to the Red Fort, Delhi. It was a four day trip. As many as there were 80 students. We were all curious to witness this monumental evidence of India’s Freedom struggle.

     We reached the venue at 10:30 am. This fort was constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan surrounded by fortification in old Delhi. The Red Fort is located in the heart of national capital Delhi. The fort was the main home of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for around 200 years until the 1857 mutiny. It was Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who got it constructed in 1639.

       This great walled citadel with red sandstone wall took around 10 years to complete. Visit to the Red Fort is not only an Educational but also a cultural trip. This great monument is the standing example of rich Indian culture intermingling with the Mughal culture which the

Mughals had brought to India with them. At the first sight, we stunned to see such a lofty and huge magnificent construction. The pathway opens at the two gates of Delhi and Lahore. The Lahore Gate is the main entrance that leads to the long covered bazaar street. The Southern end of this street is the Delhi Gate.  

       We enjoyed the Mughal style of architecture with the fusion of Persian and Hindu traditions. The chief chambers of the fort were Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khaas. The other places the Red Fort houses are Rang Mahal, a Museum ( earlier it was Mumtaj Mahal) etc.

       Each and every wall of the fort was telling us the beautiful stories of Aristocracy and Indian Freedom Movement. This is also the place from where our Prime Minister unfurls flag and addresses the country every year on 15th August.

After wandering a lot in the lush greenery of the fort, we sat down for taking our lunch. There was a small eatery outlet. We enjoyed food there. Outside the fort, we also did some shopping. Then we started the return journey to our homes. Really it was the pleasant experience. Besides, the visit enhanced our knowledge about this great historical place and our rich culture and tradition.