NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking

Saying Without Speaking

Question 1:

How did you like this game?


I liked the game. It is interesting.

Question 2:

Did you find it difficult to act without speaking?


Yes, I found it difficult to act without speaking.

Question 3:

Have you ever seen anyone talking through actions?


Yes, dumb people talk through actions.

Question 4:

When do people need to talk like this?


People who cannot speak need to talk like this.

Question 5:

Observe children of about six to eight months in your area. How do they express themselves?


They express themselves by facial expressions and hand gestures.

Question 6:

You must be wondering what kind of faces these are – they have no eyes, no nose, and no mouth. You have to make these, but only after reading what is written alongside.


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Question 7:

Has it ever happened that you had done some mischief and your mother found out just by looking at your face?


Yes, this happens many times with me.

Question 8:

Look at and do these mudras. Learn some more dance mudras and do them.


1. Flower bud 2. Flower 3. Snake 4. Fish

Question 9:

Look at these pictures and guess. Make your own story. Tell the story to your friends and discuss.


Once upon a time on a huge tree, there lived a joyous squirrel. She used to dance, sing, run and laugh all day long. One day she decided to cook something good. She invited her friends- rats, myna and crow to enjoy the feast. They all loved having food together.