NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 4 Our First School

Our First School

Question 1:

Who all are there in your family? Write their names and how they are related to you.


Saina AhujaMotherGargi AhujaGrandmother
Vishwa AhujaFatherAshok AhujaGrandfather

Question 2:

Write the relationship between any two members of your family – such as husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter…


Saina AhujaVishwa AhujaHusband-Wife
Gargi AhujaAshok AhujaHusband-Wife
Saina AhujaGargi AhujaDaughter-in-law – Mother-in-law
Vishwa AhujaAshok AhujaSon-Father

Question 3:

What do your family members call you lovingly? Do you have a pet name? How do you call your family members?


My family member call me Khushi. Yes, I have a pet name i.e. Koli. I call my father as Daddy and mother as Mumma. I call my brothers as Sanu and Bhanu.

Question 4:

Two persons in the picture look a lot like each other. How do you think they are related?


The two ladies look a lot like each other. They must be mother-daughter.

Question 5:

Is there any similarity between you and any other member of your family – in the way you talk, walk, smile or even in your looks…? With whom and how?


Yes, I am quite similar to my father in looks.

Question 5:

Is your family involved in any particular work? If yes, what?


Yes, most of the people in my family are Engineers.

Question 6:

Do you help the family with the work?


Not much as I am very young now.

Question 7:

You also learnt many things from your family. What and from whom? Has anyone learnt anything from you?


I have learnt punctuality from my mother; etiquettes from my father; and manners from my mother, father and grandparents.

My brothers have learnt sharing from me. I always share my chocolates, sweets, etc. with them.

Question 8:

Think and write:

1. When I am sad, I go to my __________________.

2. When I want to know about the past, I go to my _____________________________.

3. When I want to share my secrets, I go to my _____________________________.

4. When I do something wrong, I go to my _____________.


1. When I am sad, I go to my mummy.

2. When I want to know about the past, I go to my grandfather.

3. When I want to share my secrets, I go to my father.

4. When I do something wrong, I go to my grandmother.

Question 9:

Are there any particular practices followed by your family? What are those?


1. We always put our shoes outside the door of the home.

2. We take bath and worship God in the morning.

Question 10:

Which practices you and your family do to keep your house and the surroundings clean?


We always keep our home and the surroundings clean by dusting and brooming.

Question 11:

Does any member of your family have any particular habit like laughing loudly or singing when they are happy? Imitate them.


Yes, one of my uncles laughs very loudly.

Question 12:

How do you show respect to elders in your family? Look around to see how others show respect.


I show respect to my elders by touching their feet and following what they say.