NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 23 A Beautiful Cloth

A Beautiful Cloth

Question 1:

How do you think Sajida’s dupatta was made?


Sajida’s dupatta is made of cloth which is woven either by weavers or by a machine.

Question 2:

Take a dupatta or a long piece of unstitched cloth. Drape it in different ways. In how many ways, could you wear it?


The dupatta can be worn along with the Indian traditional wear like salwar kameez or lehenga by women. It can also be worn over a Western wear either as a scarf or a stole. However, men can also wear it in the form of a turban, dhoti or as a wrap-around attire.

Question 3:

Did anyone wear it like a lungi or use it as a turban? In what other ways was the cloth worn?


Yes, men can wear it like a lungi or dhoti and like a turban too. Women can wear it like a sari with small pleats and wear it over a salwar kameez or lehenga too.

Question 4:

Look at any six garments at home. What differences do you find in their texture, their colour and design?


These are the differences that I’ve observed among the six different garments at home:

  1. Some garments are bright in colour, whereas there are garments which have dull colours.
  2. Some garments have a rough texture, while some others have a smooth texture and finish.
  3. Some garments have an elaborate complex design, whereas others have a simple design on them.

Question 5:

Look at a thick cloth or a sack carefully. Can you see threads running along its length and breadth? You will find a similar pattern if you see any piece of cloth closely.


Yes, I can see the threads running along the length and breadth of the cloth. I also noticed a similar pattern when I checked another piece of cloth closely.