NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 A House Like This

A House Like This

Question 1:

Why are houses made on bamboo pillars where Bhupen lives?


Bhupen hails from Assam. Assam receives heavy rainfalls. So, the houses there are made at a height of 10-12 feet. That’s why houses are made on strong bamboo pillars.

Question 2:

What kind of roofs do these houses have? Why are they made like this?


These houses have slant roofs. They are made like this so that the water does not stay at the roof and create leaks.

Question 3:

How does one enter these houses?


One enters these houses by wooden ladders.

Question 4:

At night the ladder is removed from these houses. Can you tell why?


This is done in order to prevent any unwanted animal entering the house.

Question 5:

In which area is Chameli’s house?


Chameli’s house is in a hilly area (Manali).

Question 6:

What is the similarity in the roofs of Chameli’s and Bhupen’s houses?


The similarity in the roofs of Chameli’s and Bhupen’s house is that they are slant.

Question 7:

How do roofs help in their areas?


The slanting roofs do not let the water/snow get accumulated on them.

Question 8:

How do people go up in multi-storeyed buildings?


People go up in multi-storeyed buildings through stairs or lifts.

Question 9:

How is a houseboat different from other houses?


Houseboats are different from other houses because houseboats don’t stay at one place, they keep moving unlike other houses.

Question 10:

Would you like to live in such a house? Why?


Yes, I would like to live in such a house. Then I can take my house to different beautiful places.

Question 11:

Look at the pictures and match.


NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 - 1

Question 12:

Put a tick on the names of things which your house is made of.


NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 - 2

Question 13:

Look at the houses in your neighbourhood. What are they made of? Make a list.


The houses in my neighbourhood are made up of cement, brick, stones, sand and stones.