NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Games We Play

Games We Play

Question 1:

Write the names of all the games mentioned in the lesson in the table below. Make a HOUSE SYMBOL in front of those games that one played indoors. Against the outdoor games make a TREE SYMBOL. Don’t forget to write the number of players needed for the game. If some other things are also needed to play the game, then write their names as well.


Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 - 1

Question 2:

Do you play some games with your family members? Which games and with whom?


Yes, I do play some games with my family members.

Family MemberName of the Game
Brother and SisterLudo

Question 3:

Do you know the name of any famous sports person in your area? If yes, write her or his name and the game with which she or he is associated.


Yes, M.S.Dhoni. He is associated with Cricket.

Question 4:

How many games do you know which we play with a ball? Write their names in the ball.


Following are some of the games played with a ball-




Table Tennis


Question 5:

Have you heard of Sania Mirza? She also plays a ball-game. Find out which one and write its name.


Yes, I have heard of Sania Mirza. She is a tennis player.

Question 6:

Which game do you like the most?


I like badminton the most.

Question 7:

Find out from the elders in your family or in the neighbourhood –

Which games did they play when they were children?


They used to play cricket, marbles, gilli-danda, hide and seek, etc.

Question 8:

1. Small and coloured are these glass balls,

To win the game you have to aim with them all.

2. If you land on a snake, do not frown

In this game you go up and down.

3. It has no wings but it can fly,

High, high up in the sky.

4. On the board are squares black and white,

There’s the king, the queen and the knight.

5. King, queen, ace and jack,

Fifty two of them make a pack.

6. Fours and sixes if you can get,

A century is sure, I can bet.


1. Marbles

2. Snakes and Ladders

3. Kites

4. Chess

5. Cards

6. Cricket

Question 9:

Besides playing, what else do you do?


I listen to music; read comic books and fairy tales; solve Sudoku; watch T.V., do cycling, etc. besides playing.

Question 10:

Besides their work, what else do your family members do? Colour the pictures which show what your family members do in their free time. If you want to add more you can write or draw in the blank spaces.


Besides their work, my family members do gardening, read newspapers and magazines, watch T.V., watch movies in theatres, go for morning-jog, etc.