NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 15 Making Pots

Making Pots

Question 1:

Why did the crow need a pot?


Crow needed the pot so that he can fill it with water, and then use that water to wash his beak.

Question 2:

Who all helped the crow to make the pot?


The black-smith, trowel, clay-pit and the potter helped the crow to make the pot.

Question 3:

What things did the potter need?


Potter needed clay.

Question 4:

Are there utensils made of clay in your house? Which are these?


Yes, a flower vase and a Buddha idol is made of clay at my house.

Question 5:

If someone gives you clay, will you be able make some utensils from it?


No, I don’t think that I will be able to make some utensils from the clay.

Question 6:

What will happen if you store water in these pots overnight?


If we store water in the clay pots overnight, the pot will break.

Question 7:

We often keep water in a clay pot at home or in the school. Why do these pots not get spoilt by the water?


This is because these pots are baked in a kiln which makes the pots stronger.

Question 8:

Have you ever seen bricks or pots being baked in a kiln?


No, I have not seen bricks or pots being baked in a kiln.

Question 9:

Long, long ago, when people did not have any pots, what did those people do?


They used to store things in banana and pumpkin leaves; and also in pumpkin and watermelon shells.

Question 10:

Why would people have made pots?


To store liquids, people would have made pots.

Question 11:

Imagine – one day all the pots disappear from the world. What will happen in your house?


We might face trouble in storing food and liquids.