NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 14 The Story of Food

The Story of Food

Question 1:

What kind of work are people doing in both the families?


Venu’s Family: Mother is preparing food, father is cleaning the floor. All the people of the family are eating food together. Mother and father are reading newspapers and Venu is cycling.

Rani’s Family: Mother is cooking food. Males of the family are having food and Rani is serving the food.

Rani and her mother are fetching water, and Rani’s father is reading newspaper.

Question 2:

Is your family like any one of these families? If yes, like which one? How is your family like their’s?


Yes, my family is similar to Venu’s. All of us eat meals together.

Question 3:

Do all the people in your family eat together? If not, why?


Yes, they do.

Question 4:

Who eats last in the family?


No one, because we eat the food together.

Question 5:

Who does not help in cooking food in the family and why?


My father does not help much in cooking because he does not know how to cook.

Question 6:

In the table, some of the work done in the house has been mentioned. Find out who does them in your house and who does them in your friend’s house. You can add some other work also to the list.


WorkWho Does the Work In your house In your friend’s house
Cooking foodMotherMother
Buying things from the marketMother, Father, BrotherFather
SweepingMother, SisterMother
Cleaning the utensilsMother, SisterMother
Filling waterBrother, SisterMother
Reading books/newspapersEveryoneEveryone
Mopping the floorMother, SisterMother

Question 7:

Who does more work?


In your house- Mother

In your friend’s house- Mother


Question 1:

The names of some food items are given below. Add some more names to the list. Draw a green circle around those items that we get from plants. Draw a red circle around those items that we get from animals.


Class 3 EVS Chapter 14 - 1

Question 2:

When you are sick, do you take any medicine which we get from plants? What do you take when you

1. get hurt

2. have a stomach-ache

3. have a cough and cold

4. have a toothache


1. get hurt- apply turmeric

2. have a stomach-ache – ajwain and black salt with water

3. have a cough and cold – milk with turmeric

4. have a toothache – put clove oil in mouth