NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 9 Poem – Don’t Tell

Don’t Tell

Reading is fun

Question 1:

How old is the speaker?


The speaker is a young boy.

Question 2:

Who are ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the poem?


In the poem, ‘they’ and ‘them’ refers to the parents of the child and other grown-up people.

Question 3:

What is the secret the speaker is hiding?


The speaker is hiding that he is actually a giant from inside.

Talk time

Question 1:

Think of three things that ‘they’ won’t let you do.


Given below are the three things that ‘they’ won’t let you do:

They won’t allow me to use electrical appliances.

They won’t allow me to go shopping in the market alone.

They won’t allow me to drive a car or ride a scooter.

Question 2:

What are the things you’d like to do when you are grown-up that you can’t do now?


I would like to drive a car, handle electronic devices, go on solo trips, go to shopping alone, etc. when I grow up.

Word building

Question 1:

Using the letters of the given word, make three words. One is done for you.

blackboard , mother , vegetable , thousand , helicopter

black , __________, __________ ,__________, __________

board , __________, __________, __________, __________

back , __________, __________, __________ ,__________


blackboard , mother ,vegetable ,thousand , helicopter

black ,other , table ,sand , help

board ,moth , get , and , pet

back ,her , able , hand , pilot

Question 2:

Look at these words in the poem.




Here are their full forms:

Don’t – Do not

I’m – I am

I’ll – I will

i) Now write the full forms of the following words.

Can’t __________ , It’s ____________ , Isn’t __________

What’s __________ , That’s ____________


i) Can’t __Cannot___, It’s _____It is_______ , Isn’t ___Is not_______

What’s __What is___, That’s _____That is___

Question 2:

Make sentences using the following:

He’s , She’s , You’re , We’re


He’s: He’s my class teacher.

She’s: She’s going to school.

You’re: You’re going to play with me in the garden.

We’re: We’re planning to go for a picnic this weekend.

Question 3:

Now write about two things you’ll do when you grow up. You can begin like this:

When I grow up I’ll _________________________________________




  1. When I grow up I’ll love to travel and explore beautiful places alone.
  2. When I grow up I’ll drive a car on my own.

Team time

Question 1:

Class Word Chart — How many new words have you learnt? Write down three words you have learnt so far. Write them down on a chart or blackboard. Tell their meanings to the class.


Here are the new words that I’ve learnt from this poem: enough, chance, giant, patient.

  • Enough means Adequate
  • Chance means Opportunity
  • Giant means Huge person
  • Patient means Being tolerant

Say aloud

Question 1:

giant , goose

jam , grey

gym , gold

June , gum

Choose and tick the words with a ‘j’ sound

a.) January goose gem jam

b.) jacket giraffe grow July

c.) giant grapes grey June


a.) January gem jam

b.) jacket giraffe July

c.) giant June

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