NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 8 Story – My Silly Sister

My Silly Sister

Reading is fun

Question 1:

What does the baby do with the pebbles?


The baby thinks that the pebbles are real food and she even tries to put them into her mouth.

Question 2:

What does the baby do with the book?


The baby tears the pages of the book with her hands and roars with joy at nothing.

Question 3:

When does the baby laugh?


The baby laughs and thinks it great fun when her brother scolds her.

Question 4:

Why does the washerman bring donkeys?


The washerman brings donkeys to carry away the dirty clothes on their backs.

Talk time

Question 1:

What is the funniest thing the baby does?


When her brother shakes his head at her in anger and scolds or calls her naughty, the baby simply laughs and finds it very funny. This is the funniest thing the baby does.

Question 2:

Do you think the baby sister is really silly? Why?


The baby is not silly in reality. She is very small and too young to judge between right and wrong things.

Word building

Question 1:

Fill in the blanks to spell words from the story.

s i ____ ____ y

p e ____ ____l ____ s

s t r ____ e t s

s ____ o l d

l e ____ ____ o n s

n ____ u ____ h t y

e x c ____ t ____ m ____ n t

d ____n k ____ y


s i l l y

p e b b l e s

s t r e e t s

c o l d

l e s s o n s

a u g h t y

e x c i t e m e n t

n k e y

Question 2:

Write similar words from the story:

Foolish __________________

Stones __________________

Mischievous __________________

Fetch __________________


Foolish – Silly

Stones – Pebbles

Mischievous – Naughty

Fetch – Bring

Question 3:

Fill in the blanks with words from the box:


The ______________ are playing in the field. __________ are happy.

____________ are playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can.’

The ____________ has rung. It is time for lessons.


The children are playing in the field. They are happy.

They are playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can.’

The bell has rung. It is time for lessons.

Question 4:

Fill in the blanks

i. One child, many ___________.

ii. One fox, many ___________.

iii. One duck, many __________.

iv. One goose, many ___________.


i. One child, many children.

ii. One fox, many foxes.

iii. One duck, many ducks.

iv. One goose, many geese.

Question 5:

Add ‘ful’ to make a word.

a. The children are __________________. (play)

b. The flowers are __________________. (beauty)

c. The books are __________________ . (use)

d. The vegetables are __________________ . (plenty)


a. The children are playful.

b. The flowers are beautiful.

c. The books are useful.

d. The vegetables are plentiful.

Question 6:

Add ‘ly’ to make a word.

a. The new shoes are __________________ . (love)

b. He is __________________ smart. (real)

c. We should eat __________________ . (slow)

d. Let us sing __________________ . (soft)


a. The new shoes are lovely.

b. He is really smart.

c. We should eat slowly.

d. Let us sing softly.

Question 7:

Add ‘ish’ to make a new word.

a. That girl is always crying. She is ________________ . (child)

b. I slipped on a banana peel. I feel ________________ . (fool)

c. My sister is ________________ . (baby)


a. That girl is always crying. She is childish.

b. I slipped on a banana peel. I feel foolish.

c. My sister is babyish.

Let’s write

Question 1:

Write five sentences on how you help at home.

I help mother______________________________________________

I help father_______________________________________________

I also help my brother in ___________________________________

I also help my sister with ___________________________________

I do__________________________________________in the house.


I help mother in cutting vegetables.

I help father in watering the plants.

I also help my brother in arranging his books.

I also help my sister with cleaning her cupboard.

I do try to help everyone with small things in the house.