NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 7 Poem Puppy and I

Puppy and I


Question 1:

Who is the ‘I’ in the poem?


I in the poem is a child.

Question 2:

Where was the Man going?


The Man was going down to the village to get some bread.

Question 3:

Why didn’t the child go with the Horse?


The child didn’t go with the Horse because the horse seemed to be busy in his work. He was going to get hay from the village.

Question 4:

Why did the child go with the Puppy?


The child went with the puppy because the puppy was going up the hills to roll and play and the kid too wanted to play.


Question 1:

Do you have a pet?


Yes, I do have a pet.

Question 2:

Talk about three things that you and your pet do together.


Every morning and evening, we go for walks.

We have breakfast together.

We sit and watch TV together.

Question 3:

How do you look after your pet? Tell the class first in your own language, and then in English.


I take him for walks in the morning and evening. I bathe him. I feed him good food whenever he is hungry. I keep his bed clean.


Question 1:

Look at the dogs in the picture and write about them.

NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Unit 7 Poem - Puppy & I -1


Bull Dog: I am a Bull-Dog. I have a big head, short and flat nose. My neck is short and thick. Overall, I am short.

Boxer: I am a Boxer. I am a large dog with short and flat nose. My tail is short. My hair is smooth.

German Shepherd: I am a German Shepherd. I help Police in catching the thieves, etc. I also help in

guarding buildings, etc.

Doberman: I am a Doberman. I help in guarding buildings. I am a large dog with short hair.


Question 1:

Match the animals with their sounds.


a horse trumpets

a dog bleats

a sheep neighs

a cat roars

an elephant moos

a tiger barks

a cow mews


NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Unit 7 Poem - Puppy & I - 2

Question 2:

List these animals under Domestic Animals and Wild Animals.

jackal fox tiger dog cow

elephant bear sheep goat buffalo


Domestic Animals: dog, cow, sheep, goat, buffalo.

Wild Animals: jackal, fox, tiger, elephant, bear.

Question 3:

Fill in the blanks with rhyming words.

Hill ____________ ____________

Hay ____________ ____________

Fine ____________ ____________

Get ____________ ____________

Going ____________ ____________

Hare ____________ ____________


Hill – Chill, Kill, Pill

Hay – Ray, Day

Fine – Dine, Shine

Get – Bet, Met

Going – Owing, Rowing

Hare – Dare, Rare

Question 4:

Choose the right words.

1. Bruno is my ____________. (pet/dish)

2. He breaks his ____________. (dish/fish)

3. Daddy gives him ____________. (water/milk)

4. Mummy gives him a new ____________. (fish/dish)

5. Bruno is now ____________. (sad/happy)


1. Bruno is my pet. (pet/dish)

2. He breaks his dish. (dish/fish)

3. Daddy gives him milk. (water/milk)

4. Mummy gives him a new dish. (fish/dish)

5. Bruno is now happy. (sad/happy)

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