NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 21- Food And Fun

Food and Fun Solutions

Page No: 174

1. Do you study in a boarding school? If you do not, try to talk with someone who goes to a boarding school and find out –


No, I haven’t studied in a boarding school.

(a) In what ways is boarding school different from other schools?


Students studying in a boarding school do not return to their home every day. They stay in a hostel at the school and go to their home only during long breaks or vacations.

(b) What kind of food do they get there?


Students get all kinds of food like fruits, snacks, milk and different types of meal in a boarding school.

(c) Where do the children sit and eat in the boarding school?


In a boarding school, all the children sit and eat in the dining hall.

(d) Who cooks food for the children in the boarding school? Who serves the food?


A group of cooks together prepare food for all the children in the boarding school. Workers in the kitchen serve the food to the children.

(e) Who washes the vessels?


Separate staffs are appointed to wash the vessels.

(f) Do the children miss home-made food sometimes?


Yes, children do miss home-made food sometimes.

(g) Would you like to go to a boarding school? Why?


No, I do not like to go to a boarding school as I will miss my parents and mom’s food over there.


Talk about it

1. The ‘cooking and eating together’ in a Gurudwara is called langar. Have you ever eaten in a langar? Where and when?


Yes, I have eaten in a langer, when I visited Gurudwara along with my parents during the occasion of Gurunanak Jayanti.

2. How many people were cooking and how many were serving the food there?


Nearly 50 people were cooking and the same number of people served the food there.

3. Are there other occasions when you have eaten with many people? Where and when? Who cooked and served the food there?


Yes, on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri I have eaten with many people. The cook prepared the food and volunteers of Isha Foundation served the food on that day.

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