NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 14- When The Earth Shook

When The Earth Shook

A Bad Dream:

Imagine, being without a house in the cold winter! Fear and the cold kept us awake in the nights. All the time we were worried that there may be another earthquake.

Discuss And write:

Q1: Have you or anyone that you know ever faced such difficulty?


No, but I heard in the television news.

Q2: Who all helped at such a time? Make a list.


In such difficulty many people like neighbor states people, military force, doctors and political leaders helped them.


Q1: A lot of people from other places came to Jasma’s village. Who were these people? In what ways would they have helped the villagers?


Many people came from cities to Jasma’s village. Some of them from non – government organizations, some of them were scientists, some of them are doctors and medical personnel.

They would have helped by bringing in the much needed relief. They brought food, clothes, and medicines. The scientists wanted to identify areas which were more prone to getting earthquakes. Doctors and medical personnel provided first aid to them.

Q2: People in Jasma’s village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from the engineers. Will these houses be safer than before in case there is an earthquake again? Why?


The engineers gave suggestions to build houses so that there would be least damage in case of earthquake. So, these house would be safer in case there is an earthquake again.

Q3: Think, if there were an earthquake where you live, would your house be in danger?


In case of an earthquake in my area, my house would definitely be in danger. The worst is the possibility of the roof getting collapsed. It can also damage the household items and cause injuries to us.

Q4: What will you do to save pet animals during natural disaster?


I will prepare an emergency kit to my pet which consists of medical need, water, food etc. along with the shelter.


Q1: Compare your house with that of Jasma. List in your notebook what materials were used in making both the houses.

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What will you do?

People from the groups also made children in Jasma’s school practice what they should do in case there is an earthquake. This is what they said:

– If possible leave the house and go to an open ground.

– If you cannot go out of the house, lie down under a strong thing like a table and hold on tightly, so that it does not slip away. Wait until the shaking stops.

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Q1: Have you been told in your school or anywhere else about what to do in case of an earthquake?


Yes, there was a seminar on what to do in case of earthquake. We were told to go to an open area. If someone is unable to go to an open area then he or she can hide under a table and hold it firmly.

Q2: Why do you think one should go under a table during an earthquake?


In case of collapse of house during an earthquake, the table can save the person from injury. Hence one should go under a table during an earthquake.

Who helped?

Read this TV report on the Bhuj earthquake.

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Q1: According to the TV report, thousands of people were injured and some died in Gujarat. If the buildings had been made in a way that they would not fall in the earthquake, would the damage have been different? How?


People do not die because of earthquake but they get injured or die because of house collapse. So, if the buildings are made earthquake proof then there will be least damage in case of earthquake.

Q2: At times like this, when people have lost their homes and all their belongings, what kind of help would they need?


At such times people will need tents to prepare huts and basic needs like cloth, food, water and medicines.

Q3: In such situations whose help would be needed and for what? Write in your notebook as shown here.

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Whose help will be neededHow will they help
1. DogTo smell out where people are lying trapped
2. DoctorsTo provide first aid and medical care
3. Government organizationTo provide required relief measures
4. Non-government organizationTo provide required relief measures


Q1: Have you ever seen people in your area helping each other? When?


Yes, I have seen people helping each other during accidents.

Q2: Why do people live together in a neighborhood?


Because to share their happiness as well as to help each other in difficult times.

Q3: Imagine living in a place where there were no other houses or people around. How would it be? For example, whom would you play with? With whom would you celebrate festivals and special days? Would you be scared?


It would be definitely a difficult situation, my festivals and special days would be boring without anyone. Of course it would be very scary.