Question I:

Let the class divide itself into three groups. Let each group take down one passage that the teacher dictates. Then put the passages together in th e right order.

To Sir, with Love

1. From Rameswaram to the Rashtra pati Bhavan, it’s been a long jou rney. Talking to Nona Walia on the eve of Teacher’s Day, President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam talks about life’s toughest lessons learnt and his mission – being a teacher to the Indian youth. “A proper education would help nurture a sense of dignity and self-respect among our youth,” says Presi dent Kalam.

There’s still a child in him though, and he’s still curious about learning new things. Life’s a mission for President Kalam.

2. Nonetheless , he remembers his first lesson in life and how it changed his destiny. “I was studying in Standard V, and must have been all of 10. My teacher, Sri Sivasubra mania Iyer was telling us how birds fly.He drew a diagram of a bird on the blackboard, depicting the wings, tail and the body with the head an d then explai ned how birds soar to the sky. At the end of the class, I said I didn’t understa nd. Then he asked the other students if they had understood, but nobody had understood how birds fly,” he recalls.

3.  “That evening, the entire class was taken to Rameswarm shore,” the President continues. “My teacher showed us sea birds. We saw marvellous formations of them flying and how their wings flapped. Then my teacher asked us, ‘Where is the birds’ engine and how is it powered?’ I knew then that birds are powered by thei r own life and motivation. I understood all about birds’ dynamics. This was real teaching – a theoretical lesson coupled with a live practical example. Sri Siva Subraman ia Iyer was a great teacher.”

That day, my future was decided. My destiny was changed. I knew my future had to be about flight and  flight systems.

Answer: I

This is an activity of class, so do yourself.


Question: II

Here is a topic for you to

1.think about;

2. give your opinion on.

Find  out what other people think about it. Ask your friends/seniors/pa rents to give you their op1n1on.

‘Career Building Is the Only Goal of Education.’ or

‘Getting a Good Job Is More Importa nt than Being a Good Human Being.’

You can use the following phrases

(i)  while giving your opinion:

  •  I think  that…
  • In my opinion…
  • It seems to me that…
  •  I am of the view that…
  •  As far as I know …
  •   If you ask me…

(ii)  saying what other people think :

  •   According to som e…
  •   Quite a few think…
  •  Some others favour…
  • Thirty per cent of the people disagree…
  •  Fifty per cent of them strongly feel…

(iii)  asking for others’ opinions:

  • What do you think about…
  • What do you think of…
  • What is your opinion about…
  •  Do you agree…
  • Does this make you believe…

Answer:  II

(i)      While giving your opinion

I am of the view that career options is not only aim of the education but also i t has so many other way as well. It should aim at proper understa nding of the other also. Besides the man should not be a parasite on the society. He should be the true citizen of the nation in the reality.

(ii)     Saying what other people think

People have varied views. Some of them are favouring the career building as a prime  aim  of education but other not so keen. They say that it should include in the attainment of job as well. Even more than SOo/o of th em strongly believe that getting a good job is more importa nt than being a good human beings.

(iii)    Asking for others’ opinions:

Others believe that job makes a man to a good human being. Wh en responsibilities fall upon him there comes a change in his ideology and he becomes all right in all respects.


Question: III

Think and write a short account of what life in Rameswa ram in the 1940s must have been like. (Were people rich or poor? Hard working or lazy? Hopeful of change, or resistan t to it?).

Answer: III

Life in Rameswaram in the 1940s

In the 1940s the life in Rameshwaram seems to be in a dilapidated condition. Most of them have to follow a poor life for livelihood. The number of rich person were very low in society. The means of education were scanty.

They worked hard in earning a small coin which used to be of great worth in those days. They belonged to orthodox views but there was no racial difference whatsoever.

They were earning as low as it was not sufficient for daily life. People had co-opera tion am ong them and they were hopeful of having changes in their modes.