Multiple choice questions:

1. Identify the main focus of selling philosophy/concept of marketing management.

  1. Profits   
  2. Factory
  3. Selling & Promotion  
  4. Existing product

2. What can improve performance of a product and also give it a competitive advantage in the market.

  1. Standardization           
  2. Branding
  3. Design   
  4. Promotion

3. Which element of marketing mix includes after sales services offered to the customers.

  1. Product             
  2. Price
  3. Place    
  4. Promotion

4. In addition to product differentiation, differential pricing and introduction of new product, what advantage Branding do have to the marketers.

  1. Product identification 
  2. Status symbol
  3. Advertising product    
  4. Ensures quality

5. The advertisement of a travel agency states the following ‘Visit Agra the city of love’, ‘Udaipur-the city of lakes’ and ‘Mysore-the city of Gardens’. What is being marketed by the agency through the advertisement?

  1. Product       
  2. Place
  3. Service     
  4. Cities

6. Which tool of promotion is an impersonal form of communication, which is paid for by the marketers to promote some goods or service.

  1. Personal selling  
  2. Publicity
  3. Advertisement  
  4. Sales promotion

7. Direct channel, is the most simple and the shortest mode of distribution, by which the goods are made directly available by the manufacturers to customers. Identify the other name of the Direct Channel of distribution.

  1. Zero level 
  2. One level
  3. Two-level  
  4. Three-level

8. Rajni took her niece, Radha for shopping to ‘Benetton’ to buy her a dress. She was delighted when on payment for the dress she got a discount voucher to get 20% off for a meal of ` 500 or above at a famous eating joint. Identify the technique of sales promotion used by the company in the above situation.

  1. Rebate   
  2. Discount
  3. Refunds        
  4. Usable benefit.

9. Ranjit purchased a bottle of tomato sauce from the local grocery shop. The information provided on the bottle was not clear. He fell sick on consuming it. He filed a case in the District Forum and got the relief. Which important aspect was neglected by the marketer in the above case.

  1. Branding  
  2. Labeling
  3. Packaging   
  4. Publicity

10. Ram a Bag manufacturer decides to add a water bottle holder to the existing design of school bags. Identify the marketing management philosophy adopted by Ram.

  1. Product     
  2. Production
  3. Selling    
  4. Marketing


1. (4)2. (3)3. (1)4.(3)5. (2)
6. (3)7. (1)8. (4)9.(2)10. (1)

Fill in the blanks:

1. Sales promotion refers to short-term incentives, which are designed to encourage the buyers to make immediate………………………………………….. of a product or service.

2. Advertising is an…………………….. form of communication which is paid for by the sponsors.

3. When the demand for a product is inelastic, the firm is in a better position to fix…………………………….prices.

4. ……………………….are useful in providing detailed information about the product, its contents, method of use, etc.

5. ………………………….is described as the set of marketing tools that a firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in a target market.


  1. Purchase
  2. Impersonal
  3. Higher
  4. Labels
  5. Marketing Mix

True or False:

1. Grading ensures the buyers that goods conform to the predetermined standards of quality, price, and packaging and reduces the need for the inspection testing and evaluation of the products.

2. Place mix includes activities that communicate availability features, merits, etc. of the products to the target customers and persuade them to buy it.

3. Products that are sold by generic names by the marketers could not be distinguished from the products of the competitors.

4. A tube of Shaving cream usually comes in a cardboard box which is kept till the consumer start using the shaving cream and it ensures its transportation from place to place easily.

5. Publicity involves a variety of programs designed to promote or protect a company’s image and its individual products in the eyes of the public.


  1. False
  2. False
  3. True
  4. False
  5. False

Match the following and select the most appropriate option:

Question 1:

Brand name Tag
PackagingDevil of Onida
Label Cardboard box
Brand MarkBata

Question 2:

Direct channel  Paid form of communication
Indirect channel Zero level
AdvertisementNon-paid form of communication

Question 3:

. Quantity gift Scracth a card
RebateDiscount upto 50%
Discount 20% extra
Instant DrawDiscount of 10,000 for a limited period.

Question 4:

Production concept  Quality of product
Product concept Customer needs
Selling conceptQuantity of product
Marketing conceptIncrease in existing product

Question 5:

Sales promotionFlexible tool
Personal sellingConfuses the buyers
AdvertisingUtility and demand
PricingSpoils product image

Answer :


Brand name Bata
PackagingCardboard box
Label Tag
Brand MarkDevil of Onida


Direct channel  Zero level
Indirect channel Two-level
PublicityNon-paid form of communication
AdvertisementPaid form of communication


. Quantity gift 20% extra
RebateDiscount of 10,000 for a limited period.
Discount Discount upto 50%
Instant DrawScracth a card


Production concept  Quantity of product
Product concept Quality of product
Selling conceptIncrease in existing product
Marketing conceptCustomer needs


Sales promotionSpoils product image
Personal sellingFlexible tool
AdvertisingConfuses the buyers
PricingUtility and demand

How to Crack Case Studies:

  • At first read, the question asked in the case study.
  • Now read the given case carefully and identify the points which will direct you to solve the given case.
  • Tips to identify the points to the case:
    1. If something about variety, after-sale service, and availability is mentioned that means PRODUCT is being discussed.
    2. In relation to Marketing Management philosophy:
      • When production/distribution is at a large scale (Production concept)
      • When quality is improved or features are added to an existing product (Product concept)
  • Enhancing Public Image (Public relation)
  • Measures used for increasing the sale of product (Promotion mix)

1. ‘Beauty Products Ltd’ is a natural and ethical beauty famous for offering organic beauty products for men and women. The company uses plant-based materials for its products and is the No. 1 beauty brand in the country. Identify the marketing management philosophy being following by ‘Beauty Products Ltd.’


Social marketing concept.

2. A company was marketing water purifiers which were very popular due to their quality and after-sales services provided to the customers. The company was a leading company in the market and earning huge profits. Because of huge profits, the company ignored the after-sales services. As a result, its relationship with customers got spoiled and the image of the company was damaged in the public. The top management became concerned when the profits for the current quarter fell steeply. On analysis, it was revealed that ignoring the after-sales services were its reasons. Therefore, the company took all possible measures to protect and promote its favorable image in the eyes of the public. As a result, the goodwill of the company improved in society.

(a) Name and state the communication tool used by the marketer in the above case to improve its image.

(b) Also explain role of the tool as identified in part (a)


(a) Public Relations is being used as a promotional tool by the marketer. It refers to the practice of manageing communication between an organization and its publics in order to create the maintain a positive image about itself and its products.

(b) The role of public relations as a promotional tool is described below:

  • Public relations helps to create a positive image about the company in the eyes of various interest holders like consumers, government, suppliers etc.
  • It helps in launching new products as they may be accepted easily because of good reputaion of business.
  • It helps the business to reinstate itself in the wake of controversies or prejudices etc.

3. Unilever has found a new way to make ice creams by using an ingredient called ‘ice structuring protein’ which is widely found in nature especially, in fishes which allows them to survive in freezing arctic waters. Combining ISP with stabilizer technology allows to make ice creams that don’t melt so easily thereby making it more convenient for small children and consumer in hot countries.

In the context of above case:

  1. Identify the component of the marketing mix being into consideration by the company.
  2. Explain briefly the function of marketing highlighted here.


1. The component of marketing mix being taken into consideration by the company is ‘Product’.

2. Product designing and development: Every marketer strives to achieve his marketing objectives by creating an offering to satisfy a need or a want. Therefore one of the core functions of marketing is to develop the product in the most effective and efficient way. Every marketer endeavors to add value to his product by introducing constant innovations in the product to enhance both its utility and attractiveness in the eyes of the potential buyers and gain a competitive edge.

4. Raj is a small entrepreneur involved in the manufacturing of hair wax. He finds that cost of production of 100 gm of hair wax is Rs. 80. He has decided to keep a margin of 20% as profit moreover, he has assessed that there is cutthroat competition in this product segment. In the context of above case:

1. Identify the function of marketing being performed by Raj.

2. State briefly the two factors that he is taking into consideration while performing the function as identified in part (a)


1. Pricing is the function of marketing being perfomed by Raj.

2. The two factors that he is taking into consideration while performing the pricing function are as follows.

  1. Cost of product:
  2. Degree of competition: