Madam Rides the Bus Summary by VALLIKKANNAN

This is an insightf ul story of an eight year old girl’s first bus journey into the world outside her village. The girl Valli, at a very young age, tries to be aware of the mystery of life and death.

The outside world for her is affable and captivating but puzzling. She wants to understand everything by herself. The talks of the village people about the town added fuel to the fire and she was determined to go to the town on her own without anybody’s help.

She asked the bus conductor to take her to the town and paid her fare herself. She wanted to get through everything with her eyes. She saw the canal, palm tree, grass land, distant mountain and the blue sky.

She also saw great stretches of green fields as far as her eyes could see. She was enchanted when she saw a cow running with her raised tail on the road in front of the bus.

While returning she noticed that the body of the same cow was crushed and was bleeding. She was shaken from within but was trying to understand the meaning of life and death in her own term s. She returned home in time and no one from her family could know anything about her brave jou rney.

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