1.  Discuss in class the shrines you have visited or know about. Speak about one of them.
  2.  Imagine you are giving an eyewitness account or a running commentary of one of the following:
  •   a game of football, cricket or hockey, or some sports event
  •   a parad e (e.g. Republic Day) or some other national event

Speak a few sentences narrating what you see and hear. Use the simple presen t and the present continuous tenses. For example:

  •  He passes th e ball but Ben gets in th e way…
  •  These brave soldiers guard our frontiers. They display their skills here…


1.  Akshar Dham Templ e stands in Delhi. It attracts a large crowd daily in the evening. People of all caste take a look of the carving and designing of the temple. They take a round of temple looking the wonder of craftsmen. Most of the people are keen to see the coloured fountain in the evening. In the evening it looks like a heaven.

2.   (i) Rahul passes the ball but Perminder gets the way. Javed tries his best to get the ball from his clutches. Spectators clap at his skill. When he forces it, j ohn revokes and returns to his friend. He hits the ball very hard and it crosses the line. The goal-keeper fails to control it.

 (ii) These brave soldiers guard our frontiers. They display their skills during their duties. They protect us from any kind of aggression. They serve us at the risk of their lives. They face all vagaries of nature. They prove their worth every time.



Diary entry for a travelogue

I.The text you read is a travelogue where the author, Vikram Seth, talks about his visit to two sacred places in Kathmandu. Imagine that you were with Vikram Seth on his visit to Pashupatinath temple, and you were noting down all that you saw and did there, so that you could write a travelogue later.

Record in point form

  • what you see when you reach the Pashupatinath temple
  • what you see happening inside the temple
  • what you do when inside the temple
  • what you see outside the temple
  • what your impressions are about the place.

II. Here is your diary entry when you visited Agra. Read the points and try to write a travelogue describing your visit to Agra and the Taj Mahal. You may add more details.

January 2003 -rise before dawn -take the Shatabdi Express at 6.15 a.m. from Delhi -meet a newly-married couple on train -talk about Himachal Pradesh -get off the train -enter the once-grand city, Agra – twisted alleys -traffic dense – rickshaws, cars, people – vendors selling religious artifacts, plastic toys, spices and sweets -go to the Taj Mahal -constructed entirely of white marble -magical quality -colour changes with varying of light and shadow -marble with gemstones inside – reflection of the Taj Mahal in the pond -school-children, tourists -tourist guides following people.


I. Kathmandu: 14th February, 2020

Today I am much elated to visit the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmand u. It represent a wonderful piece of design and art work. People elbow one another for entry. Outside the temple the atmosphere is full of confusion.

Priests, devotees, hawkers, tourists, monkeys, pigeons and  pets roam through the ground. Inside the temple, there is Shivalinga. People offer their prayers and worship. They pray for th eir wellness and prosperi ty.

It is a fine place. It should be opened for all.

II. January 2003

I get up before down and take the Shatabdhi Express at 6.15 a.m. from Delhi. On the train I meet a newly married couple belongs to Himachal Pradesh. We talk about the beauty of Himachal Pradesh and the pleasan t weather there.

We arrive at Agra. I get off the train and hire a taxi. I enter the grand city of Agra. This is an old city. It has been the capital city of many kings. The roads are narrow and alleys are twisted.

There is much confusion and ja ms. Rickshaws, cars, scooters, trucks and buses moves on the same road. There are vendors selling eatables, souvenirs, pictures and cameras. There are shops that sell things made of marble.

You can buy replicas of Taj Mahal at any shop or emporium. Pethe-ki-M ithai is speciality of this place. I drive to the Taj Mahal. I t looks splendid. Guides surrounded me. I take a guide who takes me round the Taj Mahal.

There are beau ti ful motifs studded with gemstones. Most of them  have vanished over the years. There is large number of foreign and Indian tourists. The visit to the Taj  is a memorable  experience.