1.  Imagine you are Gerrard. Tell your friend what happened when the Intruder broke into your house.

Clues: Describe

(i) the intruder -his appearance, the way he spoke, his plan, his movements, etc.,

(ii) how you outwitted him.

2.  Enact the play in the class. Pay special attentio n to words given in italics before a dialogue. These words will tell you whether the dialogue has to be said in a happy, sarcastic or ironic tone and how the characters move and what they do as they speak Read these carefully before you enact the play.


1.  One day when  I was packing my bag to travel outdoor, suddenly I saw that a thief had entered my cottage. He was an intruder. He wore spectacles and his clothes were flashy black. He ha d put on a long over coat and a soft hat.

He had a revolver in his hand. He was of about medium height and resembled with me. He spoke like me and his manner and body movements were looks like a run­ out thief.

Before I could react, he pointed th e revolver at me and asked one to tell everything about myself. I was pertu rbed and shocked but kept myself in balance.

He wanted to impersonate  me by killing but I made up a false story at the same time and revealed that I too was a criminal like him and had disguised clothes in the cupboard. In order to convince him, I took the intruder to the cupboard.

As he peeped in, I got a chance to push him inside the cupboard. I just locked him there and called the police to hand him over. In a way I outwitted the intruder.

2.   It is the classroom activity, so do yourself.



I. Which of the words below describe Gerrard and which describe the Intruder? Write a paragra ph each about Gerrard and the Intruder to show what qualities they have. (You can use some of the words given above.)

II. Convert the play into a story (150 -200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title to it.


I. The following words describe Gerrard:

Gerrard was a beautif ul,witty person having most of the qualities of mind and soul. He was cool and confident. He wore a flashy coat. He told that he was a gang leader duly wanted by police.

He is highly cultured and outwitted the intruder. His sense of humour and confidence always h elp him to overcome from the difficult situations.

The following words describe intruder:

The intruder was a clever and smart run-out from the police. He was a nonchalant person escaping from the arrest. He wore a flashy overcoat which resembled with Gerrard. He wanted to kill Gerrard and take his identity. He had a revolver in his han d to murder Gerrard but he was entrapped by Gerrard.

II.   Victory of Confidence

Once an intruder entered into Gerrard’s cottage. He wanted to kill Gerrard with a revolver. During that time, Gerrard was busy on the phone. After seeing the intruder, Gerrard did not lose his peace of mind.

The intruder revealed that he was a jewel thief. He had killed a policeman and the police was after him. He wanted to avoid the police by taking Gerrard’s identity. Gerrard, somehow, concocted a story and told that he too was a criminal like him.

He told the intruder that by killing him, he will be accused of double murder. As a proof, he showed his travelling bag.

He told the intruder that one of his friend was stan ding below on the road. As soon as the police arrived, he would inform Gerrard to escape timely. To show his friend, Gerrard took intruder near the cupboa rd and pushed him into the cupboard and locked it from outside.

Gerrard called the police to arrest th e intruder.

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