How to Tell Wild Animals summary by CAROLYN WELLS

The poet is describing the different wild animals that are very dangerous. She has introduced them in a very funny way. First of all she tells us about an Asian lion.

She says that if you are visiting the jungles of the east and there you see an animal with yellowish-brown skin and he roars so vociferousl y that you will die out of fear. This means that you have seen an Asian lion.

Next in the line is the Bengal tiger, a royal animal that at once attacks and kills a man. She adds wittiness that if this attractive black striped animal kills you and eats you, then you have definitely met a Bengal tiger.

Then she says that if the reader meets an animal that has black spotted skin and it at once jumps on him, then he has met a leopard. Moreover, she says that even if you will cry out in pain, it will be of no use as the leopard will not stop attacking you.

Then she describes a bear and says that it will hug you very tightly and that this is the way to recognize a bear as it kills a person by hugging him very tightly.

She asks a Question to the readers that do they know how to be acquainted with beasts that hunt their prey and explains about hyenas have a smiling face and the crocodiles have tears in their eyes.

This can be seen when they are killing their prey. The last one in the list is the Chameleon which is a lizard – like creature and doesn’t have ears and wings.

It has the quality of changing its color according to the surface. She explains that if the reader looks at the tree and if he can only see the tree, this means that there is a chameleon sitting on it which has to rend its color to brown just like the branches of the tree.