GroupBox Control

GroupBox Control : (Container Control)

GroupBox control is used to group other controls. Typically, you use GroupBox to subdivide a form into groups depending upon the function

GroupBox Control is also called Container control. When GroupBox control is moved, all the controls within it will also be moved.

Property : 

1. FlatStyle :- Gets or sets the flat style appearance of the control when a user moves the mouse pointer over the control and click.

  • Flat : The control appears flat. 
  • Popup : A control appears flat until the mouse pointer moves over it, at which point it appears three-dimensional. 
  • Standard : The control appears three-dimensional. 
  • System : The appearance of the control is determined by the user’s operating system. 

2. Text : It is used to gets or sets the text (caption) that is displayed within the control.

3. BackColor :  Gets or sets the background color for the control.

4. BackgroundImage : Gets or sets the background image displayed in the control.