From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary by ANNE FRANK

Anne frank was a girl who belonged to the Frank family. She had experienced the hardships and brutalities of Hitler. Her dairy’s name was kitty and was a gift from her relative on her birthday. She noted her opinion, judgment and facts in her diary.

She considered kitty as her cherished friend. She noted her heart breaking situations in that diary. After her death, many of Otto frank’s friends (father of Anne Frank) read it and they recommended to publish it at first he refused but later agreed to publish it.

When it got published, there were so many complaints about that dairy because everyone said that a small, young 15 year old girl could not write like that. But the court rejected that complaint.

Her diary described openly and in details her thoughts and feeling about how she was restricted with seven other people which she called the “Secret Annex.” Ultimately, they were all arrested, and Anne, her sister, and her mother perished in German concentration camps.

After the war, Anne’s father abridged and published an edited version of her diary which omitted the comments about her growing sexual awareness, as well as her crucial remarks about her mother and others who shared her hiding place.

This version was also modified to a popular play and a film. Although Anne’s diary has time and again been suggested on high school reading lists, parents have complained to school boards in such states as West Virginia in 1982 and in Alabama in 1983, accusing the contents as excessively sexually open or disheartening.

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