Fire and Ice Summary by ROBERT FROST

he poet talks about the two different beliefs regarding the end of this world. He says that he is in the support of those who say that the world will end in fire as he has seen the effect and outcome of enduring and never-ending wishes. He finds the human desires are same to fire in nature.

On the other hand, the second belief says that ice is adequate for destroying this world and the poet compares the nature of ice with disgust.

As ice can make any body part numb with its long-lasting contact similarly hatred can make our minds numb and our thoughts tactless and nasty. The speaker brings us to a disagreement between people who think the world we all come to a scorching end and people who think the world will freeze.

He could be talking about the factual end of the world, but he’s also talking about the power that human beings have to harm one another. The speaker’s experience with passion the desire taught him that adoring or “hot” emotion like love and desire would have the authority to turn the earth into a huge fireball.

But he has also experienced the other extreme and he knows that emotions like hate have huge demeaning effects. Love gets all the praises, but hate is quiet killer. It may not have the same spend ours.