Dust of Snow Summary by ROBERT FROST

The poet is upset and sitting under the hemlock tree. All of sudden, a crow sitting on the tree shakes the tree and the fine particles of snow from tree start falling on the poet. The soft, smooth and cold touch of snow changes the poet’s mood from sad to happy.

He starts feeling calm, soothed and refreshed. In this way a simple momen t proves to be very major and saves rest of the day of poet from being whacked and be disappointed.

A black crow is commonly a symbol of death and fear. Since the crow is not associated with righteousness, it is ironical that in this poem, it is doing a good deed by shaking off the snow. Robert Frost didn’t use an oak, maple or pin e tree rather he chose the hemlock tree which is typically associated with impurity and toxicity.

However, the beautiful snow that covers the poisonous hemlock tree and its branches is shaken off  by  a  creepy  crow. Robert Frost uses the elements of the fearsome crow and poisonous Hemlock tree to do good – shake the white, pure snow off the branches.

The good act makes the person who wanted to commit suicide change his mind about killing himself. The small act causes the man to have a tolerant insight. He decides to live, not remember the regret and sorrow and enable healing.

So, the poem shows that if we can take the hard times of life in pace something will happen which will change the worse situations into happier times. The simple things that we do for others can make a difference.

Noticing and appreciating the small things in life will make us happy and have courage to change and succeed

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