The Bear Story

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Chapter 8


Answer the following questions.

Question 1. 

Where did the lady find the bear cub? How did she bring it up?


The lady found the bear cub in the forest, half dead of hunger. It was very small. The lady had to be brought it up on the bottle with the help of the cook.

Question 2. 

The bear grew up but “he was a most amiable bear”. Give three examples to prove this.


The three examples that prove that he indeed was a most amiable bear are:

  • He used to friendly watch the cattle grazing.
  • The three dogs used to play with him, pull his ears and tease him.
  • Children used to ride his back.

Question 3. 

What did the bear eat? There were two things he was not allowed to do. What were they?


The bear ate the food same as the dogs- porridge, bread, cabbage, potato, turnip. He used to like fruits.

He was not allowed to do the following:

  • Pluck apples from the apple tree.
  • Harm the beehives on the tree.

Question 4. 

When was the bear tied up with a chain? Why?


The bear was tied up on Sundays because his mistress used to go for a visit to her sister.

Question 5. 

What happened one Sunday when the lady was going to her sister’s house? What did the lady do? What was the bear’s reaction?


One Sunday, when the lady was going to her sister’s house, she heard sound of cracking branches behind her. She saw the bear. She was angry at him to have left the room. She hit him with her parasol. The bear turned around and began to walk back.

Question 6. 

Why was the bear looking sorry for himself in the evening? Why did the cook get angry with her mistress?


The bear was looking very sorry for himself in the evening because he did not like to stay in the room locked and wanted to join his mistress in the walk.

The cook got angry with her mistress because the mistress was scolding the bear for following her to the forest. The cook told her that he did not leave the room anytime and has been sitting there gently all day long.

Discuss the following topics in groups.

Question 1. 

Most people keep dogs and cats as pets. Can you think of some unusual pets that people keep?


Most people keep dogs and cats as pets. Some unusual pets that people keep are:

  • – snakes such as python
  • – bears
  • – tigers
  • – wolves

Question 2. 

The second bear did not attack the lady because he was afraid of her. Do you agree?


Yes, I agree that the second bear did not attack the lady because he was afraid of her. Usually people get scared when they see a bear around. But, the bear saw that the lady was confident and was even scolding him. This frightened the bear.