Class 6 NCERT Social Science (Political Science) Solution Chapter – 2 Diversity and Discrimination


Question 1:

Match the following statements in a way that challenges stereotypes.

Question 2:

How can the stereotype that girls are a burden on their parents affect the life of a daughter? Imagine this situation and list at least five different effects that this stereotype can have on the way daughters get treated in the house.

Solution 2:

Yes the stereotype that girls are burden has a great effect on their life as the girls always feel that they are burden on their family this gives feeling of inferiority complex in them. The different effects of this type of thinking are:

  • The girls always get improper diet.
  • They are not being sent to school for study.
  • They have to remain in house and do only household work
  • They are not allowed to go out to enjoy with friends
  • They do not get p roper love and care from their family.

Question 3:

What does the Constitution say with regard to equality? Why do you think it is important for all people to be equal?

Solution 3:

Our Constitution say with regard to Equality:

  • All are equal in choosing the Kind of work
  • All are equal to compete for Government jobs
  • Untouchability is crime and is legally abolished
  • Everyone has equal rights and opportunities

It is very important for people to be equal as this gives freedom to speak their language, to celebrate their festivals and express them freely

Question 4:

Sometimes people make prejudiced comments in our presence. We are often not in a position to do anything about this because it is difficult to say something right then and there. Divide the class into groups and each group discuss what they could do in one of the following situations:

a) A friend begins to tease a classmate because he is poor.

b) You are watching TV with your family and one of them makes a prejudicial comment about a particular religious community.

c) Children in your class refuse to share their food with a particular person because they think she is dirty.

d) Someone tells you a joke that makes fun of a community because of their accent.

e) Some boys make remarks about girls not being able to play games as well as them. Discuss in class what the different groups have suggested for the above situations, and also talk about the problems that can come up when raising the issue.

Solution 4:

a) We should respect the background of others we should tease a person because of his appearance.

b) India is our country and is famous for diversity in religions. We should respect each and every religion and this will be our strength.

c) No one is superior and No one is inferior everyone is a child of God.

d) Our country is rich in different types of communities and every community is having its own language and accent. We should respect them.

e) Everyone is his/her own physique someone is good at sports, someone in arts and someone in dance. We should not make fun of them because they cannot play sports.