Animals Summary by WALT WHITMAN

The poem, “Animals” by Walt Whitman is a contrast between animals and humans.

In his poem, he shows how animals are better than humans as they are more compassionate than humans. He says that animals also have feelings just like humans; but, their way of expressing themselves is far better than humans.

He says that humans have lost the factual significance of life in the speedy life while animals still enjoy the right attractiveness of life and nature. He says that animals are tranquil and self-reliant. They are happy with the resources they have.

They do not condemn what they have like humans. He says that the humans have lost their wisdom while running after the material goods.

He says that he would be happy being an animal than a human. He also said that he enjoyed the company of animals as compared to that of humans. He wants to change into an animal to be able to know what helps animals set up their daily life etc.