A pulmonologist’s perspective post-covid-19 patient!

A pulmonologists perspective post covid 19 patient

Pulmonology, a ciality that deals with the health of the respiratory system is a relatively lesser-known branch of medicine. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chest Physicians and Pulmonologists played a significant role to play in treating patients because the virus attacked the respiratory system.

This scenario has highlighted the importance of pulmonology especially in India and its relevance and impact on the control of the Covid-19 medicine spe-pandemic in recent months. doctor a Pulmonologist, Tuberculous and Chest Diseases Specialist in the pulmonary and critical care.

  • Who is a Pulmonologist? 

    A pulmonologist is a specialist in respiratory medicine and they deal with all kinds of lung and breathing problems like Asthma, Allergy, Lung Cancer, Cope Tuberculosis, Cough breathlessness and many more.

  • How Pulmonologists have been helping COVID-19 patients?

    Čovid 19 mainly involves the lungs and causes pneumonia and ards. So pulmonologist plays a primary role in moderate and severe covid 19 infections.

  • Any changes in the approach of people towards chest physicians?

    Yes, definitely. The approach towards them has changed in the last pandemic and people are now coming directly to chest physicians for respiratory problems. A 25-year-old super specialty is now getting more and more recognition in the general public.

  • What is the future of Pulmonologists in India?

    Due to more exposure to pandemics, pulmonologists are now recognized as one of the mainstream super specialties like cardiologists and neurologists. In the next decade, it will shine more in a country like India.