A Letter to God Summary by G.L.FUENTES

‘A letter to God’ is a story of tremendous trust in god. The writer had tried to portray the conviction of a poor and simple farmer in god. Lencho was a sincere and hardworking farmer.

Once there was a hailstorm which devastated his crop completely. Lencho had a huge faith in God. He sent a letter to god asking him to send him some money. The postmaster saw this letter and decided to help Lencho.

He collected some money and put it inside an envelope. When Lencho came to the post office to check his mail, the post office people gave him that envelope. Lencho opened the envelope and took out the money and started counting it.

He found that it was less than what he had asked for. So, he wrote another letter to God and asked God to send him the rest of the money. But this time he wanted God not to send the money through mail.

He thought that a gang of crooks had stolen his thirty pesos from the hundred pesos sent by God.